Last night I walked across a map of the world.
There were rows of used bottle corks placed like dominoes along specific routes.
I followed each one and could breathe deeply the fragrance of freshly decanted wine
and I knew I was following the path of something supernatural.
I heard the word SIERRAS

All over the world, where the word SIERRA rests
Holy Spirit is opening bottles of fine wine, some stored for years and thought lost or abandoned in caves
There is an unexpected outpouring coming to you
not in loud noise and a lot of flash
but in a way that befits a noble people

it is deep, rich and beautiful
what is being poured is well seasoned and carries a mix of spice that is exact for your region and it carries promise of an early maturity
The call is to come out of the shadows and drink deeply
of this Kingdom move designed for your high places.

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Atmospheres – WINNIPEG

It is something special to move from country to country and recognize the nature of the environment around you. It differs from continent to continent, from country to country and from city to city.

I remember years ago when I was living in Northern Manitoba. A friend and I used to drive from where we lived in Lynn Lake down ‘south’ to Thompson and then over to The Pas and Flin Flon.
The change in atmosphere was so strong that it was visible to us – as if a long cloud marked the boundary between one side of the province and the other. At that time in our lives we didn’t take it too much further and understand much of why it was like this – we were just thrilled that we recognized it and really thought we had it going on as ‘revelators’! Those were difficult but very good years. We learned much about the spirit realm living off in the bush with no-one but Holy Spirit to teach us.

I developed that sensitivity in my life because I felt it would be important to me, and it is invaluable. So when I came into Winnipeg and went for my first drive I was excited to experience this ability to breathe easily spiritually and I asked the Lord what was resting on this place at the moment and He spoke one word to me….Ease. Of course, there are ‘mini-cultures’ under this, hot spots of this or that…but over everything right now the word Holy Spirit spoke to me, and what I have experienced is Ease.

When you live in a place, you very quickly become dull to what is around you and sometimes it is good to have someone come in from the outside and declare it and bring it to your attention again. Compared to the nation I come from and the nations surrounding it, your atmosphere, your environment is one in which things can happen and be pushed through without the incredible energy and effort it takes elsewhere.

atmospheres WinnipegFor the prophet, this is like gold. That means many of the things that you are carrying and standing for can be birthed without a lot of trouble and that being who you are in this environment is simple compared to other places that are post-Christian. You may be saying to yourself ‘well you don’t know my life’. I am not talking about life’s hardship that just happens. In fact, since being here there have been some very difficult situations to navigate. I am talking about a spiritual atmosphere that Manitoba is graced with. You can learn to use it to your advantage, or you can take it for granted and forget the season which is actually upon you. I believe we can navigate difficult things in a much more healthy and productive way when we recognize what we are graced with as an atmosphere.

When someone hands you a bar of gold you can invest it or you can bury it so that it isn’t stolen. One action is filled with hope and promise – which is exactly what ease brings, and the other, hiding things renders them useless and of no consequence. To do the latter is to disregard all that Holy Spirit has favoured you with at this time.

So Winnipeg, be aware of who you are and what is resting on you. Do not take it for granted. There has been a high price paid for this. It is time to step up to the line and to move things forward and become productive in all that God has called you to be and to do.

This is a time for the city to be bringing in people who will build with you and ‘add- to’ the mix. This is the time for people to come here with something to invest. There are many who come and go, but not all are builders. This is a time for those who are building locally to do so with all their might. The angelic realm is highly active with those
who are holding harassment back so that you can get ahead of things and be ahead of your time and prepared for what is to come. I I hear the words Build, Build, Build. And this is a time for teamwork. When you have a project going on it takes everyone to get involved, and so it is time to put aside petty (and not so petty) differences and use this spirit of ease that rests on Winnipeg to resolve situations that have caused cracks in the walls.

I remember years ago a word the Lord gave me about a situation where there was to be a crumbling of a building – a church, and the Lord spoke to me and said ‘though the building crumble, the foundations remain secure’. This is a time to recognize your sure foundation and begin once again build together. Not in a way that is external, but deep within your hearts, there the knitting together, the piecing together of the living stones must begin.

This city is targeted for revelation. You have heard me speak many times of what I have seen in the spirit regarding this over Winnipeg, and in this atmosphere of ease it is important to open up your heart to the revelatory way in which Holy Spirit is moving today. Don’t get tied up or locked into the way it has been for the last twenty years, no matter how good you feel it has been. There is so much more and it looks different and will involve new faces, new voices, new understanding and dare I say it….new leaders. The face of the church in Winnipeg – just like in the rest of the world is going to change and her expression is going to be so different than it has been up to this point. Naturally, that is a good thing. I do understand that when living in the Bible Belt this is a difficult concept to navigate. Tradition is strong here in every expression of Christianity…but there is a grace for change.

Be careful not to take what is upon you for granted, how very precious it is.
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Knowing the Waters

know the waters

I had a dream last night in which there was a huge white cruise ship – super size – you know the type! And it was on its way somewhere, the sky was blue and it seemed like there was nothing but sky and water, no land in site. This ship was moving at the highest speed it could and creating a great wake as it traveled.

Behind the ship I saw someone being pulled along in the wake, holding on for dear life to a lifebuoy which was tied to the back of the ship on a fairly short rope.

The person looked terrified, and it was taking all their energy to hold on. But hold on they did, and the ship just kept on traveling.

As I watched in my dream I wondered why the people on the ship did not slow the engines and pull this person to safety. Surely that would be the ‘correct’ or ‘normal’ thing to do in such a situation. Waters like that are full of the unknown and probably quite dangerous. But I kept watching as the ship kept moving and the person kept hanging on.

Then I heard Holy Spirit say ‘if you want to Captain the ship, you first have to know the waters’.

I recognized the person in the waters – as representative of those who God is preparing for leadership but are not yet ready to take the helm. I wanted to pull them to what I thought was ‘safety’ and out of the turbulence, and my mother heart struggled as I watched them flounder to the point that all they really could do was hold on. But I also knew that there are lessons to be learned in the turbulence that one will never learn in a life that is sugar coated and nothing but ease, and if Holy Spirit – the lifebuoy – is holding you in the water, you are in the safest place possible.

The Bible talks about growing up and coming into maturity. There are those of you now who know that you are in this exact place and it is not easy. But you are learning how to swim for yourself. You are learning how to navigate very difficult waters. As you hold on and the waters rush over you, they are taking off of you the things that actually got you into difficult water in the first place. Not always bad things, but things that can hinder. And as I watched this happen in the dream, I found the grace and the mercy of God for hard times come into a difficult situation in a very deep way. God is raising up some prophets who will have paid the price and will no longer be afraid to be who they are.

You are actually in a time of great blessing – wrapped in the disguise of difficulty. This is not the workings of an enemy who is out to destroy you. This is the blessing of a loving father, who will not allow you to remain a child and who is preparing you for the day you step into your highest purpose.

You have been gifted with the ability to hold on. So hold on, remembering that the ship is going somewhere. It has direction, even if you feel you do not. The ship is going to come into a harbour and you will come with it. You are moving towards to the exact spot that God wants you to be, just not in the way you thought you would get there.

But mark my words, you are being changed in this process, from glory to glory. There is not one part of your life that is not touched by all that is going on. Your values are being sorted, and you are learning to lead a generation of people who do not know how to navigate difficulty and are used to everything being handed to them on a silver platter. To lead a people out, you must know the waters in which they live.

So, keep hanging on, because really, it is God hanging on to you and moving you from one place to another and bringing unprecedented growth – the kind you have been crying out for.

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Tools of the Trade

If I had a hammerI’ve found myself in several settings of late when praying for people, where I’ve been aware ‘the Hammer of the Lord’. I have seen it hovering over situations and people, and watched it come down land and split things open. Even though each time the use of the hammer was redemptive, it has still been a difficult revelation for me to talk about. I don’t know why it is easier to talk about swords than hammers, it shouldn’t be, they can both be used as weapons or tools and they are both symbols of the Word of God.

Part of my difficulty is that a hammer can give such a crushing blow and has been tied in the past to the judgment of God. But what I have seen is nothing like what I would imagine judgment to look like. I have seen it as the only tool possible to extract and carve and shape some of what our faith walk is to look like in the years ahead.

Spurgeon said that the hammer of the Lord is a ‘mystic power which cannot be duplicated by mere words of man, carrying a force that strikes until something yields’. Some years ago I was able to go down into a gold mine in the remote community in Northern Canada where I lived for three years. And I learned there about the work of ‘the hammer’ in releasing the gold from the veins locked into the impenetrable rock. The extraction of treasure was never a job for the weak, and the tools of the trade were as tough as the rock that held it.

We are going to see more of the work of the hammer of God in our lives to open up the way for all sorts of good things that are locked away inside of us. It is a tool bringing change and freedom. Gifts and Callings – including the prophetic, that are locked into a particular vein and are held there by years of tradition are going to see themselves loosed in the days ahead. The hammer is going to come and make a way for the fire of God to melt long held ideas that have hardened to the point where they are now traditions and not any longer a part of the ‘new thing’ that Holy Spirit is doing in the earth.

I remember a time several years ago, I was in the room when the Spirit of might came upon a young man in the office room of his Pastor. As a result of God moving through this individual, the desk of the leader was split in two. Please do not use this one example of something supernatural that happened for an excuse to go around breaking things up, however, this was a visible demonstration of the hammer of the Lord, and that particular church has never been the same since. Something old was broken open so that the new vein of gold could be extracted and a new pathway established. This breaking open needs to be done with precision and in the power of Holy Spirit. Not by the ‘mere words of man’.

A hammer, held in the hand of a loving God is all about freedom. It is all about moving forward. It is exactly what is needed to carve and shape new things out of something that is no longer fresh or cutting edge. And I know from my own life that once I think I am cutting edge, that I have already found a place of human ease and I need that mystical power to open me up so that the Presence of God can bring out of me the things of life that are held tight in my own ideas of how things should be and look. Our faith is not going to be championed by cheerleaders in the years ahead, but by statesmen and women and who are willing, and brave enough to move with Holy Spirit as He opens up deep areas and brings to the surface this treasure from difficult places, things that have been stored away for such a time as this.

If I had a hammer
I’d hammer in the morning
I’d hammer in the evening
All over this land
I’d hammer out danger
I’d hammer out a warning
I’d hammer out love between
My brothers and my sisters
All over this land

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The Changing Shoreline

I come downstairs every morning and grab a coffee, throw myself onto the couch and in the silence – listen. Already I have spent time waking up and discussing my thoughts and feelings with God, so at this point, I am always ready for more than the usual ‘good morning chat’.

This morning as I settled in, it was as if my ears grew and I began to hear the sounds of the ocean very clearly. I knew I was hearing some God speak, and while I listened I wondered why I have not taught people about ‘alternative listening to God’. My expectation – if I am honest – is that I will hear words. That is the communicative language I was trained in from a child, and listening to God has not been that much different. I am slightly edgier than some, and not as ‘out there’ as others, but I felt a distinct change this morning in the way Holy Spirit is going to be communicating with those who are willing.

I have been in a tremendous season of upheaval and change, and one of the things that keeps me steady in it is being able to hear the voice of God. But I have found that in this strong swirl, all of my senses have become alive in a new way and I am hearing God with all of them. On top of that, my expectation of hearing God in what some would term ‘unusual ways’ is growing.

Changing ShorelineBack to this morning. I sat in the beautiful light of dawn and it was as if I was on the beach. My vision was focussed on what I could see from the couch but my ears took me to another place.
These were not waves that crashed but they were steady, and their sound was deep! I was pulled into their depth just like I get pulled into a solid bass line. It is so good to let the sounds of Heaven, the voice of God get right into who you are. And if you are able to recognize these moments as the actual voice of God to you, carrying throne room words – well, then you are ready to interpret what they mean. A process – I have learned – which is not always instant.

But this morning it was. I simply asked what I was listening to – because the waves coming into shore is something active and not static, I knew that I was hearing something happening. I was listening to the sound of a changing shoreline.

Sometimes we mistakenly think that things in God happen suddenly. We talk often about the ‘suddenlies of god’. I would like to suggest that more often than not, the shorelines have been changing slowly over time, but we have not been equipped to recognize the voice of God when it comes to change. We are a people who like ‘instant’ and so we relate to ‘suddenlies’ – but this is a decade where we need to understand the wisdom of process. Holy Spirit invited me into that wisdom this morning and  into the sound of the changing shoreline. My own shoreline, the shorelines of different faith communities that I belong to, the shoreline of my nation and the nations to which I am called. And as I listened to the voice of God I was pulled further into the depth of who He is in the middle of all this change. Deep and constant. Steady and True. Absolutely faithful.

As I began to move with the waves, I experienced a cleaning up, a cleansing of shorelines – boundaries that have become cluttered. Cluttered with words that are mere chatter and carry no meaning for where we are going. Cluttered by confused motives and sacred cows. Things that tend to stop the incoming tides, and make them less than what they are.

I moved with the waves as they re-defined the borders, the shifting of times and seasons, and saw the outlines of everything beginning to look and sound very different. It is very easy to feel safe in such a place with Holy Spirit because I know that the waters do not overstep the commands of God – and as I was listening I knew I was in Him. Nothing safer than that in the middle of these deep changes.

We are being brought, by the waves, into a time of multiplication – which is an interesting word that really means so many things. In today’s language, some would think of multiplication as a curse, but when God uses the word, He is talking about blessing. An immeasurable increase, just like we cannot count the grains of sand on the seashore, so we are heading towards a multiplication in the things that He has called us to put our hand to.

All this is good, but we need to recognize that these things come to us with a price tag. And that happens to be a letting go of our old matrix. Our old boundaries, our old definition and understanding of how things will always look and sound. I sense that God is addressing each one of us who thinks that we have now caught the wave…that we are into the ‘latest thing’, those of us who reckon we know the lingo and those of us who have decided that we are on the cutting edge.

Guess what…..the shoreline is changing. Whether we like it or not. I hear the sounds, and it’s a BIG change that’s coming.
Be brave and let it happen. It may cost you everything, but it will gain you MORE because Jesus is there…right there on the shoreline – as He has been so many times before.

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